Litestar bought two buildings for new factory


12-10-2020 is a commemorable day for Litestar.  Litestar signed the contract for buying two buildings for new factory facility. The new factory buildings will be completed by the end of 2021. Then Litestar will move to the new factory for production.

The new factory is located in Tonghu High Tech District in Huizhou city which belongs to China National level development zone. A lot of National high tech companies will move to this area gradually. 

As the land leasing cost and labor cost has been increasing in Shenzhen, so a lot of big led factories start to move to Huizhou or Dongguan area to lower down the manufacturing cost. Litestar will be able to control the manufacturing cost better after moved to our own factory and benefit the better prices for our clients ultimately. And the new facility will also enable to provide bigger space for production and increase our production capacity. 

Look forward to see Litestar new factory buildings completed by the end of 2021.