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Transparent LED display

Mesh LED display has light weight aluminum cabinet and usually the standard led panel size is 500x1000mm or 1000x500mm. For some particular projects that the panel size can be also customized. Mesh LED display has transparency features.It was also called see through led display. So the mesh LED display usually installed behind the glass wall or installed at the outside of the windows or building. So it won't prevent the eye sight of the people in the building. The outdoor mesh led display or curtain led display is water proof and weather resistance.So it can be installed outside directly. The mesh LED display consumes less power than normal LED display and the light weight cabinet will need less steel structure for installation. So it saves both transportation and installation cost for customers. 

The mesh LED display has better heating dissipation than traditional led screens, so it no needs air conditioners for cooling. Mesh LED display application is very widely, such as advertising mesh led display/screen, loof mesh led display/screen, wall mounting mesh led display/screen, glass wall mesh led display/screen.