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Outdoor fixed LED display

Outdoor fixed led display are usually installed at outdoor. So usually the viewing distance to the led displays from bulk of audiences is short. The outdoor fixed led display requires high resolution. and it also requires wide viewing angle and higher contrast. So outdoor fixed led displays are usually used SMD black led lamp. And for some outdoor fixed led screens that the cameras needs shoot videos and photos from them,it will require high refresh (3840hz) led displays.
The outdoor fixed led display needs support multiple installation ways. They are usually wall mounted as led video wall,hanging from ceiling, fixed on single or double poles,floor stand led displays etc.The updated technology of the outdoor fixed led display may require it support both front and rear service.The led modules, led tiles are with magnets for front repair purpose.
The application of outdoor fixed led display are very widely. It can be for stage led display, church led video wall, school led displays, shopping mall led screens, conference room led screens,TV station led video wall,hotel led display, hospital led display etc.