What Should We Pay Attention To When We Choosing A Stage LED Screen?


Friends who have seen some concerts, weddings, commercial performances and celebrations will certainly be familiar with LED screen. Most of these screens are LED rental screens, which are rented for a short time from rental companies. The biggest feature of this LED display stage screen is light, easy install, easy transport and saving cost for event planner. As for big event, there might be not only one screen. So, what should we pay attention to when we choosing a stage LED screen?

Stage rental LED display screen

The main screen selection: The main screen is usually the large LED display in the center of the stage. Generally, the main screen is rectangle. However, with the development of irregular LED display over this year, things have changed. We could also see that in some case the main screen is irregular LED screen. As the main screen, the things it showed is very important.  So the pixel pitch needs to be higher than others. The audience can see the scene better. In 2020, P2.97, P3.91, P4.81 and P6.25 is the most popular pixel pitch of stage screen.

Rental LED screen

Side screen selection: The side screen refers to the LED display on the left and right sides of the main screen, which is mainly used to set off the main screen and help viewers who are on the left and right sides to see more clearly. Because only the viewer in the middle can see the main screen clearly. For the side screen, we don't need to choose the screen with too small pixel pitch. Firstly, it is not necessary. Secondly, it can save budget cost. At present, the commonly used specifications of stage side screen are P3.91, P4.81 and P6.25.

Stage expansion screen: It is mainly used for large-scale stage, such as some large-scale concerts. In these scenes, the venue is very large, not all the audiences can see the performance characters clearly. One or two large expansion screens on the side of the stage is also necessary.