LED wisdom transparent screen tells you: the future is transparent


With the change of The Times, and the broad demand of the market, LED transparent screen continues to develop and innovate, showing a diversified trend of development.

Relies on 10%-50% permeability, light and thin performance of the traditional screen has a certain impact.LED transparent screen with eye-catching attitude towards the public's vision.

Especially since this year, to join the LED transparent screen research and development enterprises gradually increased.

From the optimization of product structure to the expansion and innovation of product application, the development of LED transparent screen is unstoppable.It also accelerates the digitalization of different industries.

The transparent display market is projected to be worth about $87.2 billion by 2025.

LED transparent screen for multiple application scenarios

Commercial place

With the continuous development of urban economy, more and more cities, shopping malls, squares have appeared the figure of transparent LED glass screen, which is of great significance for brand publicity and product promotion

Generally speaking, the display products in shopping malls are mainly LCD screens and LED displays.

Large shopping malls inside the LED screen as the role of advertising screen at the same time, but also to meet the design, create a good shopping atmosphere.

Many brand chain stores are equipped with an LED smart transparent screen to become a digital store that sells directly offline and receives takeout orders online.

Events and promotions can also be directly touched by the LED transparent screen to pedestrians.

The airport

The airport links different cities at home and abroad. It is a natural data field with numerous data bases and interaction scenarios, and its flow is 20 times that of urban shopping malls.

As a part of the digital transformation of airport media, LED transparent screen has become the most advantageous media by virtue of its unique display effect and digital technical characteristics.

Through online and offline media content, enabling airport commercial integrated marketing, providing the best scene of information interaction.

Effectively improve the audience's perception and expectation of the value of goods, and turn passengers into consumers of airport commerce.

At the same time, make full use of the transparent LED display stunning visual effect, style and beauty rise straight line.Through advertising creativity to attract more audience attention, better shape and maintain the brand image.

The subway

The LED display in the subway station is colorful and vivid, which is unforgettable.

Not only has formed the unique advertising space, more importantly, the golden location of the super high flow of people to bring the maximum benefits of advertising for customers.

While releasing public service publicity, tourism publicity and advertising videos, the forms of communication and release are more diversified.

Intelligent and dynamic display of different video content, but also save the trouble before the light box advertising but also often manual scene change.


The window glass of the bank has a lot of LED transparent screen, multiple branches of wisdom synchronization, save time and effort more worry.

As long as we do a good job in products and keep pace with The Times, the pace of LED transparent screen will gradually accelerate, and more and more application fields will be discovered