The global outdoor LED display market is expected to exceed $12 billion in 2025


Outdoor LED displays are increasingly enhanced by the increasing number of live concerts, sporting events and exhibitions around the world.These factors are driving the popularity of LED displays in many industries, from sports to advertising.In addition, the increasing demand for higher resolution and affordable solutions will have a positive impact on the growth of the global outdoor LED display market.In addition, the growing demand for wireless data connectivity for billboards is expected to drive growth in the global outdoor LED market.

The global outdoor LED display market is expected to exceed $12 billion by 2025, according to the latest market data report analysis by MarketResearhEngine.

The growing demand for outdoor LED displays in broadcast live and advertising will increase the demand for outdoor LED displays worldwide.It also has various advanced features to improve the LED display, such as lowest operating price, energy efficiency and long life.All kinds of LED companies provide end-to-end services to their consumers, such as on-site installation and display.

A light-emitting diode (LED) display is a flat-panel display consisting of several light-emitting diodes (LEDs), a key component of a video display.LED displays feature dynamic content, excellent brightness and illumination, and high resolution.The distinct lighting and unique color display make them useful for a variety of informational and decorative purposes.Outdoor LEDs are often referred to as outdoor LEDs, which are types of electronics and electronic products, such as billboards, mobile LED displays, peripheral panels, video walls, etc.Outdoor LED displays are used to display computer programmed text and images that can be easily updated with appropriate software.

Because LED technology saves energy and can be part of a large display unit, it can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as billboards, shop signs and destination signs for various transport vehicles.Several corporate brands have promoted the outdoor LED display market by using LED screens to promote their products on a large scale.

Major players in the global outdoor LED display market:

Such as: Shenzhen Litestar LED CO., LTD. Lighthouse Technology Co., Ltd., Lard Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Panasonic Corporation, Electronic Display Co., Ltd., Sony Corporation, EKTA Corporation, Toshiba Corporation, Data Display Co., Ltd., Star Electronics, Daktronics Inc., Barco NV and LG Electronics.

The main drivers of the outdoor LED display market are as follows:

* A growing number of sporting events have increased the use of outdoor LED displays on perimeter boards, gym screens and scoreboards

* Many corporate brands increasingly support the development of outdoor LED displays, including billboards and TV walls

* Improved features such as durability, environmental friendliness and efficiency encourage consumers to purchase LED displays

However, high capital investment in fixed installations is a major constraint on the outdoor LED display market and is expected to hinder the growth of the global outdoor LED display market.In addition, the adoption of display and online advertising methods will increase, which will impact the growth of the global outdoor LED display market.

Global Outdoor LED Display Market Classification

Divided by its application, technology and color display.According to application segmentation, it covers LED TV wall, LED traffic light, LED mobile panel, LED billboard, LED peripheral panel and other LED matrix board.

According to its surface mounted outdoor LED display and separately installed outdoor LED display technology subdivision.Based on color display subdivision, it covers single-color outdoor LED display, three-color outdoor LED display and full-color LED display.

Divided by geographical region, it covers North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.Each geographic market is further segmented to provide country-specific market revenue (e.g., US, Canada, UK).

According to TMR Research, the outdoor LED display market range will see emerging trends and high growth rates by 2028.

The global outdoor light-emitting diode (LED) display market is expected to be driven by major installation advantages, such as portability, durability, energy efficiency, outstanding outstanding pitch, brightness, high-definition resolution and other advanced features.Such benefits could increase demand for outdoor LED displays in the corporate world, which is desperate for similar solutions to promote commercial products.In the forecast time frame from 2017 to 2025, demand for outdoor LED displays is expected to be supported by increased demand for technologically advanced applications in companies and other industries.

The growth of the global outdoor LED display market is expected to gain strong traction as the demand for wireless data connectivity for high-resolution 10mm signage and billboards best suited for high pedestrian areas is significantly increasing as evidenced by customizable content for customizable content.Targeted demographics can be easily reached through participation in location-based customizable content.In addition, content can be changed and customized programmatically based on inventory flow, weather conditions, scheduled events, and expected audience.With this high-profile technology, mobile outdoor advertising is expected to play a key role.

Expert analysts expect that billboards will receive the largest demand in the global outdoor LED display market, and the various features of billboards (such as incredible visibility, dynamic content and cost effectiveness) can be recognized.Predictions that technological advances and other similar factors will augur well for prevailing price trends in the market.

The main trend

The global outdoor LED display market is primarily driven by the surge in demand for interactive visualization technologies for a variety of applications, including video walls, scoreboards, billboards, exterior boards, and stadium screens.In this connection, the need for content customization and dynamic display using advanced display technologies with higher energy efficiency is a key factor driving the development of the outdoor LED display market.Technological advances in video displays have led to the development of high-resolution signage, which is increasingly used for interactive displays at various events.

The increasing number of events such as live concerts, branding events and sporting events in all developed and developing regions is driving the demand for outdoor LED display technology.In addition, the ability to use the outdoor LED display is stimulated by its ability to provide custom content in a variety of applications, such as weather updates, game scores and live streaming news.

LED display technology faces fierce competition from LCD and projector technology.However, it is expected that the deployment of interactive screens in different public places, such as bus stops and train stations, will present rich opportunities for market participants.As electronic technology continues to advance, manufacturers are offering high-resolution signage that can be used for live concerts, exhibitions, and brand promotions.

The potential market

The continuous introduction of a variety of LEDs for a variety of display purposes has driven the global outdoor LED display market to grow at an unprecedented rate.Outdoor LED display manufacturers adopt the latest technological advances featuring interactive and automated panels, design innovations and advanced light sensor control systems.For example, Shenzhen Guojia Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a global provider of outdoor LED display services for commercial and commercial applications. Earlier this year, it launched an outdoor LED display using RGB color changing LED lighting technology.These products can be purchased or leased or used on larger displays that can be linked to various forms of production equipment, cameras or a variety of graphics-based interfaces.

Pixelflex, another global LED solution provider, recently introduced its weather-resistant Flexstorm LED video technology, which can withstand adverse conditions.Outdoor LED displays use intelligent self-correcting light sensor control systems to achieve optimum brightness throughout the day and in all weather conditions.The US company plans to showcase its innovative products at GlobalShop17, the largest annual visual goods trade show in Las Vegas, on March 28 and 30, 2017.

Regional outlook

The Asia-Pacific region is an important market for outdoor LED displays in 2016 and is expected to grow at a healthy compound annual growth rate from 2017 to 2025.The regional market is mainly driven by the presence of various regional and global distributors and manufacturers in emerging countries such as China, Japan and Korea.

The growing demand for cost-effective and energy efficient tri - and monochrome solutions for use in a variety of public Spaces such as streets and sidewalks is driving the growth of the market.North America is another important market for outdoor LED displays.Technological advances in sensor technology and the growing popularity of cloud-based services are expected to provide significant opportunities for market participants.