What are the problems to be paid attention to in the maintenance of LED small-spacing display screens?


All kinds of display equipment are widely used in all walks of life, and the whole display equipment market is also expanding.LED display with small spacing is also recognized and welcomed by users.But to ensure its normal work, daily maintenance work is essential.So, LED small spacing display maintenance needs to pay attention to what problems?

Switch screen attention

First turn on the control computer so that it can run normally and then turn on the LED display screen

First, turn off the LED power supply, turn off the control software, and then turn off the computer correctly

Avoid opening the screen in an all-white state, as it has the highest impact current on the entire distribution system

Power supply matters needing attention

Safe and reliable ground contact, reliable isolation between ground wire and zero wire, access power away from high-power standby

Such as short circuit, trip, burning line, smoke and other abnormalities, should not be repeatedly energized test, should be found in time

In the process of use, do not continuously turn on and off the power supply, the two operations should be separated by at least 1 minute

Power must be supplied to the large screen power supply in stages, as the full screen maximum power status will impact the system

Keep the power supply stable, do a good job of grounding protection to avoid lightning strike, especially under strong lightning weather do not use

Cleaning Precautions

Alcohol can be used to wipe the surface of the large screen, and brush and vacuum cleaner can be used to remove dust

The screen will accumulate more dust and rainwater scour trace, need regular, timely cleaning

To clean the surface of the module, use a soft brush and brush lightly.Do not use liquid substances for cleaning

Moisture proof and storage requirements

Ambient temperature -40℃≤ T ≤60℃, LED products must be stored in temperature <30℃ and humidity <60% environment

According to the environment of the display body and control part, avoid insect bite, and place anti-rodent poison when necessary

The LED display should be checked regularly to see if it works normally. If the line is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time.The main control computer and other related equipment should be placed in the room with air conditioning and dust to ensure the ventilation and heat dissipation of the computer and the stable work.Non-professionals are forbidden to touch the internal lines of the screen pegs to avoid electric shock or damage to the lines. If there is a problem, professionals should be invited to repair.