The pain point of LED leasing companies, how should display enterprises?


LED rental screen, for the LED industry will not be unfamiliar.In some major festivals, exhibitions, singing and dancing parties and large-scale activities, there is no lack of LED rental screen.In song and dance party, LED rental screen is often implemented throughout the party, become an important part of the stage lighting effect, for the live performance to add appearance and color.Nowadays, the stage performing arts market has become the most widely used application place of LED rental screen, and it is also the occasion to show the charm of LED rental screen.A cool party can not be separated from the help of LED rental screen. Without LED rental screen, the stage will be eclipsed by many.

As an important pillar market of the internal industry that is different from the fixed LED display screen, the LED rental market has achieved rapid development in recent years due to the low entry threshold, and the products are constantly innovating, and shows the trend of high-definition development, with the point spacing breaking through below 2.0mm.Due to the booming leasing market, professional leasing manufacturers and mainstream enterprises in the industry have launched corresponding products for this market.Nowadays, LED rental screens generally have the following advantages:

1, ultra-light - the weight of a single box is about 6kg, a single person can be carried, the installation is extremely easy;

2, ultra-thin - the box is made of die-casting aluminum forming, high strength, strong toughness, high precision, not easy to deformation, for the transportation of labor saving;

3, high precision - size is mechanical and electrical processing accuracy to 0.1mm or so;

4, Compatibility -- new structure design to meet the requirements of hoisting and stacking, indoor and outdoor requirements;

5, fast - the box body up and down the left and right connection using fast locking mechanism, usually about 10 seconds can complete the installation of a box body, and the installation accuracy is high;

6, low cost - box light weight, the required installation cost is low;Low power consumption, saving operation cost and reducing labor cost.

At the same time, in order to adapt to the characteristics of rapid disassembly and assembly in the rental market, LED rental screens are beginning to develop toward standardization, and the products can better adapt to mass production.At present, the main specifications for LED rental display boxes are 480X480, 500X500, 500X1000, etc.According to 3*3, 4*4, 5*5, 6*6 different cabinet splicing methods, can be point-to-point splicing into 2K(1920*1080), 4K(3840*2160), 8K(7680*4320) and other standard resolution display.

LED rental

As mentioned above, LED rental is widely used in the stage design market. However, in fact, the vast majority of LED display enterprises do not directly participate in the application of LED rental screen, but sell their own products by cooperating with professional leasing agents.However, no matter how the LED rental screen develops, there are still two pain points that have not been well solved.

In the recently held "the first China micro display industry peak BBS" (hereinafter referred to as the "summit"), dance or founder chairman JinYuYin as representatives of the stage rental application to attend the meeting, the debate in many industry higher-ups in salon, Mr JinYuYin clear now LED rental screen, two major problems:

First, the leased products are facing the problem of mass testing;

The second is how to avoid collision and collision of the leased products.

LED rental products continue to develop towards the trend of small spacing, stage rental products in these two aspects of the problem, more and more prominent.These pain points of leasing products have become the pain of LED leasing companies.

However, the pain of LED leasing companies is also the pain of LED display enterprises?

Undeniably, the lamp bead failure problem, bump problem, in fact, has been plagued by the development of LED rental screen a obstacle.In order to solve these problems, enterprises have also tried various solutions, such as "4 in 1" technology solutions, GOB technology solutions or COB technology solutions for reliability problems, a variety of leasing products continue to appear.

It can be seen that solving the pain point problem of LED rental screen is not that LED display manufacturers can complete it independently. It requires the coordination of all links of the whole industrial chain and the joint efforts of relevant parties in different links.

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