How to choose LED rental display


In the rental led display, it can help you temporarily reduce the economic pressure, in the use of this is also can be at ease, when everyone in leasing, are generally in accordance with the people on the choice of leasing products this, as well as in time of use, and so on, these are all will affect the price, everyone in the choice when you need to pay attention to place or more.

Led display rental you can see, in the type of lease this, you can choose according to their needs, such as indoor led display, outdoor led display, in the product design is more thin, and is in the production process is advanced, has a special team to do some product development work, as a result, everyone in the leasing products also can get more advanced products.

When you know you can find, for rental led display the products in the installation way this is relatively simple, and it occupied an area is relatively small, mainly in order to can bring you some convenience, as this also has a larger advantage in price, compared with the same product, for the product in the quality will be better, but this is the price will be according to the lower price.

What are the LED display rental box

With the continuous development of LED rental  market, customers also put forward more diverse and more personalized requirements for LED rental equipment.So, what are the rental LED boxes on the market now?What are the specific advantages and characteristics?

The first die-cast aluminum box

After several years of development, the die-cast aluminum box is lighter and lighter, the structure is more and more reasonable, and the precision is higher. It can basically achieve seamless splicing.The latest die-cast aluminum display is not only a simple upgrade of the traditional display box, but also a comprehensive optimization and update in terms of structure and performance. It is a compact indoor rental display made by patent, with high precision of box splicing and convenient disassembly and maintenance.

The die-casting aluminum LED display adopts the mold to form once, which guarantees the flatness of the box body, effectively controls the tolerance range, and basically solves the problem of patching the box body.Humanized design, more convenient installation, more lightweight, box joint and connecting wire connection is more reliable;Light weight, using hoisting structure, more convenient installation, more firm;Adopt imported power connector, connection, safe and more reliable;The signal and power connection between the box body adopts concealed connection. After installation, no trace of the connecting wire can be seen.Black light can also be used to mount, with stronger contrast, softer color and better consistency of white balance.When the screen is not lit up, the whole screen looks better.

LED display

Die-cast aluminum display eight features

1, light weight: a manufacturer of box size 576*576mm, weight per square box is only 24kg, a single box weight only 8KG, single portable, save installation time;

2. Thin box: the box is made of die-casting aluminum, with high strength, strong toughness, high precision, and is not easy to deform. The thickness is only 80mm;

3, screen body flat: surface flatness error <0.2mm, effectively eliminate the phenomenon of Mosaic;

4. Fast disassembly and assembly: the upper and lower left and right connection of the box body adopts quick locking mechanism, the two handles can be turned 90 degrees to lock the two boxes, 10s can complete the installation of a box body, high accuracy of installation.The box body splicing and wiring connection is fast and reliable, which is beautiful and beautiful and can realize the real sense of fast disassembly and assembly.

5, easy maintenance: the use of modular design, assembled screen body any position is easy to install and disassemble, simple maintenance.

6, Capacity: new structure design, to meet the requirements of hoisting, packing, indoor and outdoor requirements.Single box, compatible with a variety of point spacing, indoor and outdoor modules.

7, High: high grayscale high refresh rate design, grayscale level 14 bit, refresh frequency >960 hz;

8, low: excellent heat dissipation design and performance, without external fans, air conditioning, low noise;The weight of the box is light, and the installation cost is low.Low power consumption, saving operation cost.

The second kind of nano-polymer material box

Nano-polymer material is a new kind of box, which has the characteristics of shock - proof and fall - proof.With five highlights of "light, thin, fast, strange and economical", the same box is compatible with more than 9 models of modules, which can be used in rental companies, stage performances, sports events, advertising, information release, celebration activities, hotel entertainment and other fields.

Five highlights

Light, single box weight is only 4.5kg, 5.1kg.Thin: minimum thickness of 20mm, maximum thickness of 70mm.Fast: one person can complete the installation of the whole screen of 100 boxes in one hour, and can complete the replacement of any box in the whole screen in 50 seconds.Strange: can be unlimited length of lifting, fixed installation, lifting height up to 20M, can also be 15° arc splicing, and can be extracted from the whole screen of any box, to achieve any creative modeling.Save: save time, build quickly, maintain fast;Labor-saving, simple loading and unloading, light handling;Save money, the price is 20% lower than the die-casting aluminum box, and the truss cost is low, the transportation cost is low.Applications: rental companies, stage performances, sports events, advertising, information release, celebrations, hotel entertainment and other fields.

The third is a carbon fiber box

The carbon fiber case is a new technology, first announced by U.S. LED display maker GoVision. The case, which is just 10 millimeters thick and weighs just 10 pounds, is lighter than some traditional products that can weigh as much as 80 pounds.Carbonite became "the lightest LED display and the lightest box, weighing just 10 pounds."Carbon fiber boxes solve the problem that some sites cannot install LED displays due to load constraints and rigging restrictions.