How to choose the stage rental LED display?


Stage as a comprehensive occasion art, a stage performance involves all aspects of the relationship between people and things, such as actors, performances, props, machinery, etc., which is the basis of the traditional stage.But with the advent of the multimedia age, digital technology has gradually entered the stage, causing a unique chemical reaction.The concept of "stage" also changed at this time, becoming more comprehensive and three-dimensional.

In large performances, gala, star concerts, activities, we can see a variety of stage rental LED display, so what is the difference between LED stage rental screen and the traditional display?How to choose a good stage rental LED display?

What is the stage LED display?In fact, the LED display screen applied to the stage background is called the stage LED display screen. The biggest feature of this display screen is to provide a rich performance stage background, perfect combination of realistic picture and shocking music effect, to create a magnificent and modern spectacular scene;In addition, it can also broadcast a large, clear picture of the match, which can give people a sense of immersive scene and subvert the traditional visual experience.

LED stage screen in addition to the screen body selection is very important, but also need to choose a set of appropriate control system.In general, the area of LED stage screen is large, the pixel is high, and the number of points of sending card is high. Sometimes, multiple control cards are needed for cascade splicing control.If the display effect is better, we usually need to use the video processor, which can be used for video splicing and cutting, to achieve multi-window, picture in picture, strong expansibility, video effect is more delicate and smooth.

Due to the particularity of LED rental stage screens, the standard box structure is generally adopted, which is easy to disassemble, light in weight and convenient in transportation.The box is light and thin, and can be quickly installed, dismantled and transported. It is suitable for large area rental and fixed installation application places.Finally, it is necessary to make professional training for the operators, can do the basic maintenance of the display, such as the analysis and processing of common faults, familiar with the control system and video processing, and the corresponding equipment for detection and adjustment, so that we can ensure the stable and safe operation of the LED stage screen.

Compared with traditional indoor and outdoor displays, stage displays require different configurations due to their different uses and functions.Here is a comparison between the LED stage rental screen and the traditional display screen:

1. Different type selection

Because the stage rental screen shows high stage beauty, the screen broadcasting effect is required to be clearer.Therefore, the general indoor environment uses P3, P4 models of high-definition screen, and even more rigorous will use small spacing P2.5, P2, etc., outdoor use P6, P5 models.As for the traditional indoor and outdoor display screens, P6 and P5 models are generally used indoors due to the long viewing distance or low display requirements. P10 is the most widely used outdoor display, followed by P16.And indoor is the table paste, outdoor usually use plug-in lights, but sometimes use the table paste products, currently for the rental market, has launched 5 kinds of box series products, models cover all the mainstream models on the market, including P3, P4, P4.8, P6 and so on.

2. Box difference

Generally, the traditional outdoor LED display screen is a waterproof box, and the structure is relatively heavy.Indoor is also the use of simple box;For LED stage rental display screens, currently they are usually made of die-cast aluminum box, with thin structure, high stability, convenient installation and disassembly at any time, suitable for concerts and stage performances.

3. Installation method

As mentioned above, the stage rental screen can be disassembled and installed easily and quickly. For example, after a concert, it can be disassembled and transported to another stage venue for construction.And the traditional LED indoor and outdoor display, are usually fixed installation, installation position fixed, it will not be easy to move.

The above is the biggest difference between the traditional display screen and the stage rental screen, other differences include price quotation, configuration, installation environment and so on.

Convenience of stage rental LED display

LED display rental products need to be frequently loaded and unloaded and repeatedly used according to the use of the place and the stage scene, so the portability and durability of the product as well as the professional requirements of the installer are high.In addition, the general rental screen can not avoid the transport link, so it should also have a relatively high shockproof performance.

1. Safety and damage resistance of the product

According to the analysis of the installation environment of the rental screen, the general LED screen is mostly hoisted or wall-mounted.The two installation methods have higher requirements for the weight and safety of the rental screen.Because the rental screen needs to be stacked very high and hoisted, the rental screen must be light and thin, and the connection must be firm and reliable and easy to detect, so as to avoid potential threats to on-site personnel due to negligence of installation.

LED rental screen often need to pick up cars, ships or aircraft transportation, in the process of transporting, probably because of turbulence to the lease screen fringes have knock against, but in order not to affect the use effect, the rental screen to have a certain resistance to damage, so it can reduce the electronic components of the damage caused by shipping, lest affect normal display function.

2. Easy installation and disassembly

In order to ensure the safety and normal use of the installation of the rental screen, a professional display installation team is required for the general rental screen, but this will increase the customer's budget cost.Therefore, the manufacturer should design the product from the perspective of convenient installation and disassembly, so that ordinary installers can easily assemble and disassemble the rental screen, reduce the installation labor cost of customers and improve the installation efficiency.

3. Quick replacement and maintenance

When the rental screen appears partial display failure, the LED display rental screen must be partially removable, and to be replaced quickly, to ensure the normal performance.

4. Control system is easy to use

In the case of combined installation, the lessee shall provide professional instruction manual for the control system and indicate instruction details on the installation equipment, so as to facilitate the identification of components and installation sequence and prevent installation errors which may affect the use progress of the rental screen.