LED electronic display price, electronic screen advantage


LED electronic display price, LED electronic screen price is generally how much, for brick-and-mortar stores, the industry competition pressure is undoubtedly huge, and subject to geographical restrictions, many businesses are the main customers are from the surrounding, customer flow is limited.The electronic screen was created to solve these problems, so what is the price of the electronic screen and how much is the electronic screen?Below Shenzhen Litestar LED CO., LTD I'll introduce it to you.

LED display price quotation, detailed price according to the actual demand can consult Shenzhen Litestar LED CO., LTD View, the electronic screen is composed of a number of display units that can be combined splicing (unit display board or unit display box body) constitute the screen body, plus a set of appropriate controller (main control board or control system).So a variety of specifications of the display board (or unit box) with different control technology of the controller can be composed of many kinds of electronic screen, to meet the needs of different environments, different display requirements.

Electronic screen can display changing numbers, words, graphics and images;Not only can be used for indoor environment can also be used for outdoor environment, with projector, TV wall, LCD incomparable advantages.LED electronic display price, the development prospect of electronic screen is very broad, is toward higher brightness, higher climate resistance, higher luminous density, higher luminous uniformity, reliability, panchromatic direction development.

LED electronic display price, electronic screen advantages:

1. Precise crowd delivery: With the promotion of electronic screens to various life scenes, specific advertisements can be delivered to specific groups of people to accurately attract advertisers.

2, accurate regional delivery: such as advertisers in the county, only need to put the advertising in the county area, to maximize the cost effectiveness of advertising, and the electronic screen can achieve regional delivery.

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