What is called LED transparent screen?What's the difference with the traditional LED screen?


In 2021, the technology is still progressing, LCD splicing screen is widely used in all walks of life, and the technology of splicing screen is constantly updated and upgraded, now there is a new type of LED transparent screen!What is LED transparent screen?Transparent LED display is an LED screen that penetrates light like glass!

Traditional screen has impervious to light, impervious to wind, poor heat dissipation, structure miscellaneous, high power consumption, shape abrupt and many other problems!So transparent LED display was born!Transparent LED display has high permeability, 50% - 90% permeability, light weight, small space!

Beautiful installation, low cost, no need of any steel structure, directly fixed on the glass curtain wall, transparent background, broadcast advertising pictures give people the feeling of floating in the glass curtain wall, energy saving and environmental protection, no fan and air conditioning cooling, more than 40% energy saving than the traditional LED display screen.

The above characteristics analysis shows that the biggest characteristics of transparent LED display screen are: high light transmittance, good skill effect, good heat dissipation effect, light weight and easy maintenance.

LED transparent screen is now mainly used in glass curtain wall, window, commercial display, stage and stage, TV station, window, exhibition, jewelry store/ceiling and other fields.In fact, transparent LED display is not completely transparent, mainly through technology to improve transparency, so that the display closer to transparent.

Large outdoor electronic media represented by LED mesh screens have entered outdoor buildings, bringing new patterns and changes to the city.The large screen constitutes a new and striking city landmark.In short, with the rapid development of new technologies, the rapid visualization and visualization of cities have a far-reaching impact.