What is the difference between LED screen and LCD screen?


First, "What's the difference between an LED screen and an LCD screen?

In LCD TV, LED screen and LCD screen is actually the same meaning, both mean LCD screen, and LED screen is the wrong name, LCD is the correct expression of LCD TV screen.

Why is there such a wrong name for LED screens?

First of all, a brief understanding of the LCD screen structure, here we talk about a simple point:

LCD TV screen is mainly composed of LCD display glass panel covering the backlight source

As you can see, the screen light is mainly illuminated by the back light on the back of the LCD screen, which used to be CCFL(cold cathode fluorescent lamp), but has since been updated with LED beads.Switching to LED as the back light of LCD TV can make the picture better and the life longer. The screen panel can also be made thinner and the manufacturing process is more environmentally friendly, unlike the pollution of fluorescent lamp.

So comprehensive LED lights do LCD back light source is a better choice, then a few years ago the publicity LED backlight of liquid crystal TV, marketing term will soon become a "LED TV", that is the reasons for the formation of error term "LED screen", I hope you don't make a mistake again, LCD is LCD TV, LED is only the back light liquid crystal TV, now almost LCD TV is LED back light.

There are also more advanced micro-LED technologies, which reduce LED beads to the micron level. Each tiny LED bead is a pixel, and the panel is composed of such micron LED beads, similar to the construction of OLED TVS today.OLED is an organic light-emitting diode, which adopts the micro-LED technology of inorganic light-emitting diode to make TV screen. It has higher brightness, longer life, higher luminous efficiency and more energy saving than OLED. I believe we will see mass production of such products in the near future.