What is the main difference between a rental screen and a regular screen?


Compared with fixed installation screens, LED rental screens are different mainly in that they need to be moved frequently, disassembled and installed repeatedly. Therefore, they have higher requirements on products, such as product appearance design, structural design and material selection.

There are three main differences between the two screens:

First, fixed installation screens are installed one by one, with standardized dimensions, while rental screens are required to be able to be installed, disassembled and transported repeatedly easily, so that the staff can complete the work quickly and reduce the labor cost of customers.

Secondly, the leasing screen has a strong tolerance to slight bump of transportation and handling. The size should be in line with the loading system of the means of transportation, especially the transcontinental handling, which is greatly different.

Thirdly, the design of the LED screen itself should be strong enough to withstand handling because of the frequent need of handling. Otherwise, it is easy to collide in the process of handling and cause LED damage. Even if an LED lamp is broken, the overall effect will be affected.When providing customers with screen rental services, the difference between the rental screen and the fixed installation screen is that the fixed installation screen will have immediate effect once installed, while the rental screen must show perfect display effect throughout the concert, which is also the most valued point by customers.

What is the future direction of LED rental display?

The future of LED rental screen can be divided into three major directions:

First, with the application of small spacing, the point spacing of rental screens will become more and more precise, and may even replace the effect of 4K in the future. With the development of technology, the price and cost of rental screens with small spacing will become more and more reasonable.

Second, color correction is very important, because in any concert tour or rental market, color correction can realize flexible scheduling and application of different products, even for different batches of products, there will not be any color gap.

Third, control system, leasing suppliers need to be done at any time to tour around the world, then the control system, does not match any incompatibilities, for engineers to do the follow-up customer service or the service is very long, so the control system are required to better meet the compatibility of various batches.