What are the common applications of LED displays?


1. Wall-mounted LED display screen installation: Wall-mounted LED display screen is generally used in scenes such as hall, passageway, corridor entrance, bus station, railway station, high-speed railway station and subway station entrance and exit.

It can be used as traffic guide screen to display traffic information on highway and railway.

2. Suspension installation

Suspension installation is generally used indoors or semi-outdoors

The screen is small, usually not separated from the repair channel space, the entire screen is removed from maintenance or made into a folding integrated structure,

The screen is large and generally adopts pre-maintenance planning, i.e. front maintenance and rear channel maintenance

3. Installation of Mosaic LED display

The whole LED display is embedded inside the wall, and the LED display is at the same level with the wall.

Usually embedded LED displays are maintained before installation (positive maintenance)

Embedded installation is usually used in indoor or outdoor use, generally is a small spacing, small area of LED display.

Usually at the entrance to a building, lobby, etc.