A few tips to help you solve the TV black screen


TV black screen is the problem that we often encounter, some TV in black screen after a few minutes after the automatic restoration of normal, but some TV is in turn on after a long time is black screen state, then how should we solve the phenomenon of TV black screen?

Black screen is a kind of television breakdown phenomenon, also is the most common, performance is no image.TV black screen basically has two kinds of circumstances commonly: it is to have no picture, sound, TV screen is not bright;The other is no pictures, no sound, and the TV screen lights up.These two conditions are the most common black screen phenomenon.There are also some unusual phenomena that we will not dwell on here.

What about the black screen on the TV?

1. First of all, it may be caused by the abnormal power circuit, manifested as no response to the button when pressing the panel and the indicator light not on.One possibility is that there is a problem in the input stage of the power circuit.Another possibility is that the 5V load is getting heavier.

2. If the circuit source is normal, then there may be a problem with the circuit driving the backlight.

3. There is no problem in the above two aspects, so it may be that there is a fault in the circuit that controls the switch of high pressure plate on AD board.

How to solve the problem of black screen on TV?

1. Due to the abnormal power circuit, first check whether the 12V voltage is normal, and then check the 5V voltage. If there is no 5V voltage or the 5V voltage becomes very low, there is a problem in the input stage of the power circuit.This kind of fault is very common, it is to burn insurance commonly or stabilizing chip appears fault, replace relevant component can.

2. There is a problem with the circuit driving the backlight. Connect the display to the host for startup inspection, and carefully observe close to the screen.

TV with black screen and sound Solution:

Method 1:

The phenomenon that the TELEVISION appears black screen to have sound is generally caused by the hollow welding of the high-voltage inverter of the TELEVISION and the control transistor, when such a problem is encountered, the high-voltage inverter of the back light board and the control three-stage tube need to be tinned again to repair welding, so as to solve the problem that the TELEVISION black screen has sound.

Method 2:

The 5V voltage of the power supply is overloaded, the voltage is pulled too low, or there is a problem with the signal processor in the rear stage, and part of the circuit is damaged.It is then necessary to remove the faulty components one by one, check out the faulty components, replace the faulty components, and the voltage can be restored to normal.

Method 3:

The power supply of the TV is normal. It may be that there is a problem with the driving backlight circuit of the TV, which leads to the sound on the black screen.At this moment need to connect the monitor to host the boot of the inspection, when you're close to the screen might be able to see images of the screen shows very pale, this will prove driver board signal processing is normal, this part of the reason for the TV problems is driven backlight function of high voltage control panel switch circuit malfunction, as long as the function of the circuit are able to return to television images of the troubleshooting.

Method 4:

The sound on the black screen of the TV may be caused by the abnormal power circuit of the TV. The phenomenon of this problem is that there is no response from the panel keys and the indicator light is not on.Encounter such a problem should first check the TV 12V voltage and the voltage of 5V is normal.If the voltage is normal, there may be a problem with the level of the input power circuit. This is usually caused by the burning of the power supply insurance or the failure of the voltage regulator chip. The TV's insurance is burnt and the TV's insurance needs to be replaced.