How do you maintain your TV screen


Now most of the family have a TELEVISION, but few people will see special maintenance. If we want the TV to have a long service life, we should also pay attention to the maintenance of our TV. So let's introduce how to maintain the LED TV.


First, clean well. Clean and wipe the TV at home every once in a while, you can use a more professional LED TV cleaner set, so wipe clean will not damage the LED TV. You can also use a TV cover to cover the TV when the pilot is not looking for a long time. This will also prevent the TV from getting dirty, such as dust, or damage to the LED TV from getting inside the TV.


Second, don't let the TV in a humid environment, moisture into the TV may make the inside of the delicate small parts damp and can not be used. So stay away from things like fish tanks.


Third, and most important. If the TV captain doesn't watch it for too long, please unplug it in time. If left on standby all the time, it will not only consume power, but also shorten the life of the TV. Therefore, please remove the socket in time.


Any thing want to use a little bit longer need careful preservation, after understanding so many skills, go to implement it quickly!