What is the difference between LED TV and LCD TV


Introduction to LCD TV and LED TV

Led with LCD screen LCD TV is material, and the back light is using led, popular words, also is our leds is using led backlight source, then using the led TV, it has better energy saving effect, and the richness of color also is better, doing so will make its fuselage more thin, LCD TV, led TV is more common to improve brightness of colour has very big effect, because it USES three primary colors of red and white light led, it can well simulate the light of the sun, on light objects, can appear very natural color, The LED TV has a long service life, and its technical life can reach more than 100,000 hours.

LCD TV is to point to screen for LCD TV, in addition to save electricity, and its tube on the structure is belong to the placement of two pieces of parallel glass crystal eyes, as long as in the middle of the glass will present a very small small wire, through the power to control the crystal points refers to the direction of the resulting images in general, backlit LCD TV is invisible, also can appear black uneven phenomenon, and the contrast is not very good, so for dynamic picture display will present a very false phenomenon.

      Therefore, no matter from the service life or color, LED TV is better than LCD TV. But the price of LED TV is generally higher than LCD TV, we choose according to their actual needs!