Innovation LED! Future development


   Some time ago, the creative display of "Dajulang" on the streets of South Korea set off a heat wave. The vivid effect and strong visual impact amazed the public, which caused passers-by to clock in one after another, and also brought people to Smtown Coex where the display of "Dajulang" was located. Goyle once said: We want to take what we have and create what is not yet there! It is enough to prove the importance of creativity, innovation is development. And for the fierce competition of the "colorful" LED industry, innovative LED display can meet the needs of the market, can get more vigorous development.

   Profiled LED displays are truly creative LED displays that can be customized in any size and design. Such as simple flat displays like circles, triangular or other shaped LED electronic screens. It can also be any irregular three-dimensional shape or specially designed structure. However, with the development of the industry and the advancement of technology, creative LED display products are no longer limited to the change of appearance, from technology to content, and even the design of the whole project and other aspects are kaleidoscopic. Litestar is aware of this and is constantly trying to create more and more innovative LED displays.