Foldable LED display


Collapsible LED display is a new invention, which breaks through many bottlenecks of traditional LED display, and truly realizes the characteristics of light, thin and transparent.

Led folding screen is a flexible led screen that can be folded freely. It is composed of small LED module panels. It includes multiple LED sub-screens, PCB board placed in the shell of LED sub-screen and LED and wires electrically connecting each PCB board. The adjacent LED sub-screens are connected by a connection mechanism that can rotate relatively freely. The connecting mechanism comprises a rotating rod and a rotating shaft arranged at both ends of the rotating rod; The shell of the LED sub-screen includes the front shell and the back shell. The edge of the shell is symmetrically provided with a groove. The rotating shaft at both ends of the rotating rod is installed in a groove of two adjacent LED sub-screen shells respectively. Connect the LED sub-screens together to form a large screen, which can be folded lengthwise or horizontally. The screen is small and light when folded. LED sub screen can rotate and fold relatively freely, it is easy to realize curved, spherical, cylindrical and other shaped screen, simple and convenient to use. The foldable module LED display is composed of small modules connected by stainless steel wire and can be folded 360 degrees.

So what are the advantages of folding screens?

1. Folding screen is characterized by flame retardant, water proof and good toughness. As the carrier of LED video screen, flexible curtain can be folded at will, which is very convenient for transportation, saving 90% transportation space, and 90% installation time and cost for light and light structure and quick installation components;

2. Ultra-low power consumption, energy saving;

3. Simple screen structure design, easy maintenance and replacement;

4. Good water resistance and heat dissipation, suitable for indoor, outdoor and various environments installation and use.