The advantages of LED display and its principle


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         LED display screens are widely praised by the public because of their large screen, high brightness, long working life, super vision, flexibility, low working voltage, miniaturization, stable performance, and impact resistance. Design the display internal control management system of the LED display screen, adopt relatively small resource cost consumption, realize the design teaching work ability in the information system, and solve the practical problems. The research on the two-color screen of the LED display screen, and the gray Different levels of true color LED display design methods and related equipment drive, so as to realize the wide promotion and application of LED display in the rapid economic development of science, education and technology enterprises. Based on this, this article mainly analyzes the LED electronic display Design and application.

       On the basis of chromaticity theory, human visual characteristics and LED electro-optical response characteristics, the color correction method and control technology of true color display of full-color LED display are studied. This paper proposes a color correction method based on visual characteristics to correct the video signal from the TV system to adapt to the display characteristics of the LED display and enhance the visual effect of the display. The temperature characteristics of red, green and blue LEDs are studied, and their luminous intensity changes with temperature are tested. According to the color matching principle, a color correction method based on the chromaticity system is proposed, and the conversion matrix is obtained, which improves the brightness and monochrome purity of the display; according to the non-linear perception of human eye light intensity