Creative LED display-the future mainstream


Creative LED display refers to LED display with special shape, which is derived from conventional LED display. The creative LED screen breaks people's understanding of the "simple square and boring" shape of traditional LED screens. It can be spliced into various irregular shapes to display very creative content. It can not only make people refreshing and achieve the effect of publicity, but also fully expand the application range of large-screen splicing.

With the changes of the times and the progress of science and technology, the individualization, art and harmony of LED display screens and various architectural environments are becoming more and more important. Although creative display screens emphasize "shape", they pay more attention to "meaning". It should be said that "shape" serves "meaning". Led creative display is a full-color led display feature. A brand-new design and material development creates a rendering atmosphere and an atmosphere that is fully integrated with the environment. It is the design of these factors that makes full use of the full-color led display potential and improves The connotation of full-color LED display makes it not only a display carrier, but a center of "shape" and "intention".

According to the current, accumulated years of development history in the LED display industry, LED display products have also undergone breakthrough development at the right time. From traditional to innovative display line display paste, the pace of product innovation, the company has never stopped, because technology does not never stop.