Outdoor LED display protection design


After production and testing, all outdoor LED display system circuit boards are treated with special electronic three-proof paint and applied with fire-retardant materials to make them dustproof, moisture-proof, anticorrosive and flame-retardant. In the outdoor LED display system, an insulating rubber ring is used to seal between the pixels and the modules to prevent moisture penetration.The exterior decoration of outdoor LED display system is made of high quality corrosion resistant aluminum plastic board, and the board is filled with high quality weather resistant glue. The joint between the decoration and the module is filled with foam strips, and is filled with high quality weather resistant glue to prevent water penetration.

Fault-tolerant design of outdoor LED display system

1. The refresh frequency of the display screen is above 240HZ to ensure a more stable picture and no flicker.

2. Use reasonable judgment, excluding invalid data.

3. The software can adopt various fault-tolerant measures.

4. Use various fault-tolerant methods to save data.

5. Communication protocol has various fault tolerance: communication data is constantly refreshed, and any unexpected error can be corrected quickly.

6. Program operation error, real-time prompt.

Ii. System tolerance design for outdoor LED display

1. With the dynamic characteristics of large redundant devices, the system can reliably change the operation of component characteristics.

2. More than 20% margin is left for all components to increase the network life of a component.

3. The interface circuit allows the input voltage of components to fluctuate by ±5%, and the circuit can still work reliably.