What are the features of an outdoor LED display?


Outdoor rental LED display is now widely used in people's life, convenient and beautiful representative is it's characteristics. But it is in the outdoors that the quality of the display is more demanding. What are the features of an outdoor LED display?

1. The heavy rain

In the outdoor use environment, the outdoor LED display screen should reach IP65 protection level, the module should be sealed with glue, the waterproof box should be selected, and the waterproof apron should be used to connect the module and the box body. This is a good way to prevent the erosion of the rain.

2. Lightning-proof

Lightning rods shall be installed on or near the top of the steel structure of the LED display for outdoor leasing.

All LED display circuits (power supply and signal) should be shielded and buried;

3. The high temperature

Outdoor rental LED display area is large, high heat emission. If the external temperature is too high, it may cause problems such as circuit board heating and short-circuit, so it is necessary to add heat dissipation equipment to the display screen during installation.