Litestar LED display trip in Qingyuan


After one year’s hardworking, a good rest is really necessary. On September 11th, Litestar LED display having a nice trip in Qinyuan city. Every year we would organize a little trip for all the employees. Which could help us have a good rest and make us become a more united team.

It has been a really hush time for this year because of the COVID-19. Our safety was threated, outdoor activities was limited, income has reduced. Which caused economic recession. It’s a disaster for all the industry, especially for the event and rental industry. But finally, we have been through it. Things are getting control now. The decrease rate has slow down, outdoor activity limited has been canceled. Economy has been recovering now. Thanks to these, we are available to going out and have a company trip.


This time we have been to Qinyuan city which located at the north-central of Guangdong province. It has good natural landscape and famous for their mountain rafting. We had a pleasant time for all kinds of outdoor activities. Besides mountain rafting, this trip also includes Zip Lining and glass walkway. Everybody enjoyed these adventurous and exciting outdoor campaign, it's really thrilling and breathtaking. We were deeply relieved and relaxed by all these high intensity simulations, and completely lost in this wonderful world.


Our talented co-workers are concentrated at working while at office, they are crazy at events as well for this outdoor extending and team building. What a great team, what a great weekend! If there is a chance for you to visit us in China, we will be glad to share our trip experience with you and give you some recommendation. Hope the COVID-19 could be controlled soon. There will be a lot things we can share, wish to see you in China soon.