Outdoor P10mm Digital Led Billboard In Nigeria For Outdoor Advertisements


Outdoor p10 DIP fixed advertising LED billboards

Location: Nigeria

Model No.: P10mm

Size: 5.76x3.84m

Our P10mm outdoor high brightness single pole double sided advertising digital led billboards was just intalled in Nigeria. The LED display is made of 960x960mm aluminum water proof led panel. As the weather temperature is very high in Nigeria, so we used alumimum material cabinet for better heating radiation. And we also used high quality gold wire encapsulated DIP LEDs with Meanwell power suppliers for the led display, so it can work well without air conditioners for cooling. 

As we often bother from ribbon cables problems (cables loose or damaged caused led screen signal problems among led modules), so we designed dual ribbon cables on each led module. The signal can go through modules from eighter ribbon cable ports (even we remove one ribbon cable from our led module, the led billboards will still work well). Our this smart design can reduce led digital signage billboards problems in maximum. 

Our clients are very satisfactory on the performance and quality of our outdoor digital signage billboard for their advertising business. There will be repeating orders coming soon. 

Double Ribbon cables design to reduce signal problems on led display in maximum

Double belt cable design