P10mm Outdoor Advertising Fixed LED Display Installed In Georgia


Outdoor fixed LED display
Location: Georgia
Model No.: P10mm
Size: 6.72x3.84m

Nowadays, are you still using printing billboard? Won't you hope consumers not being able to block or skip the content of your out-of-home advertising? Then, choose a LED display. It’s high brightness and colorful dynamic iamge struggling to reach consumers' eyes in this digital age.

We're excited to show you some of the OOH projects we had the pleasure of working on.  Shenzhen Litestar’s led billboard is standing tall in Tbilisi with this showstopper, good view, also has to work agast the strong sunshine. We suggest 8,000cd/m2 brightness DIP type led display. As you can see, it works prety well under the sunshine. Our DIP LED display can even reach 12,000cd/m2 ultra high brightness to meet some special locations of OOH project.

The growing diversity of firms using LED screen to promote their products.Come and talk to us about your led screen projects.

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