It is more suitable for DIY. This is the breakthrough point of the LED rental screen in the future!


Due to the particularity of "rental" of its products, it is usually used in stage rentals, song and dance evenings, large-scale auto shows, various conferences and other occasions, requiring frequent disassembly and assembly. Therefore, the rental cabinet is light and thin, easy to transport, easy to maintain, and quick installation and disassembly are a major trend in the development of rental screens.

Because of this, the current LED rental display screen can not only be light in weight, thin in structure, have hoisting and quick installation functions, and meet the requirements of rapid installation, disassembly and transportation required by rental occasions, but also easy to install and unload, easy to operate, and the entire screen is fast to install and unload. The bolts are fixed and connected, and the screen can be installed and dismantled accurately and quickly, and it can be assembled in different shapes to meet the requirements of the site and so on. But even so, it is still inseparable from the construction of professionals.

However, today, the domestic leasing market is in a state of disorderly competition. Vicious price competition has disrupted customers’ perception of rental displays, and has also given more shoddy manufacturers the opportunity to fish in troubled waters. It will lead to the phenomenon of bad money driving out good money. In this situation, deepening development can prevent LED rental screens from being submerged by the torrent.

If we put aside the existing display effect problems, only from the perspective of the installation and disassembly of the LED rental screens, the current LED rental screens are already in the intermediate stage in terms of speed, then the future direction of deepening development is even more Suitable for DIY!

The LED rental screen market is on an upward trend, and it is no longer realistic to consume excessive labor costs

The current LED screen rental market is still in its infancy. According to market data, the current rental market is in an upward trend stage. The entire Chinese market is blooming everywhere, which shows that the market share is huge. The LED display rental market is mainly embodied in: music festivals, concerts, cultural performances, cocktail parties, wedding celebrations and other activities, which are spreading from first-tier cities to second- and third-tier cities in an all-round way.

At the same time, various exhibitions and exchanges at home and abroad can be held in full swing, which not only effectively promotes the exchange of information between personnel in various industries, but also brings more business opportunities for various exhibition equipment suppliers. With the successive introduction of supporting policies for the exhibition industry in various parts of our country, LED rental screens will also benefit from it.

In addition, hotel leasing is also the direction of innovation in the LED display business model in the past two years. From last year to this year, there has been an obvious trend in the hotel industry: now more and more companies will ask whether there are LED displays in the hotel venues when they hold annual meetings, press conferences, thank-you meetings, etc., and they will give priority to them if they do. Consider these venues; because of the high cost of LED displays, generally hotel venues are rarely equipped, and even high-star hotels are only equipped with 10% of hotels. Therefore, if customers want to use LED displays for meetings, they usually choose renters to install them temporarily.

From this point of view, the volume of LED rental screens is expected to increase. With the increase in the volume of LED rental screens, if the LED rental screens still maintain the original model that basically only professional and technical staff can complete the construction, then the LED rental industry will still be labor intensive and rely heavily on manpower for development. However, there is a shortage of first-line professional and technical personnel in the LED display industry, and salary costs are constantly rising, which has become a prominent problem. Therefore, LED rental screens that spend a lot of manpower to operate are obviously no longer in line with future development trends. "Workers who want to do well must first sharpen their tools". Fundamentally, these problems can only be solved by changing the production mode and improving the technical level of the LED rental products. Toward a more convenient DIY form that can be installed according to the manual. It is more in line with future development.

LED rental screen product innovation, from manual maintenance to independent DIY

At present, because there is no relatively standardized standard, the specifications of LED rental screens are different, the shape size, installation hole position, etc. seriously affect the normal use of the display, and this also knows that the current LED rental display cannot be DIY independently. One reason.

However, leased products are frequently disassembled and assembled and are relatively easy to damage. Therefore, when designing products, R&D personnel need to fully understand customer needs, repeatedly simulate customer on-site use, and then design how to reduce product damage caused by disassembly and assembly and damage after damage. The maintenance convenience issue, undoubtedly, has become a focus of enterprise research and development.

The process of LED rental display from manual maintenance to independent DIY, how should the rental display products be innovated?

Regarding the future development direction of LED rental screens, it is mainly modular. At present, a screen takes the cabinet as the unit, which imposes many constraints on customers. In the future, the modularity of the screen may be that the power supply is a module, the cabinet is a module, and the module is a module, so that customers can quickly assemble it independently. Modular screens are very fast to maintain. This is the case when renting. After the fixed installation in the future, the maintenance is also very fast.

So I think modularity and fast maintenance are a trend. General Manager of Shenzhen Litestar LED CO., LTD.: The future development direction of rental screens should be in two points: I always think that the operation of household appliances is the key point. Anyone should be able to operate it, and there is no need to hire professional and technical personnel. Home appliance maintenance, any place is broken, freedom is simpler.

The structure design of the product is more humanized and simplified, and on the basis of easy installation, plus the beautiful appearance, thin and light design, it will give the enterprise extra points. LED rental screen manufacturers should produce products according to market demand. In addition to product functions, its appearance is also very important, and it can be designed as a work of art.

"Traditional leasing products have fierce price competition, but if you can design novel leasing products that are thin, beautiful, and fast to install, you can avoid naked price competition and win a share of the market.

LED rental screen manufacturers should design products with their own characteristics according to their own strength and characteristics.

It can be seen that in the future, under the guarantee of high-quality display effects, the simplicity and beauty of the structural design of the LED rental display will become a direction that manufacturers can control. Through structural optimization, the process of consumers' independent creative DIY can be truly realized. .