150 Panels Of Indoor P3.91 LED Tile For Indian Events Company


Indoor rental LED display

Location: India

Model No.:P3.91mm

Size: 150pcs panels

Our Indoor p3.91mm rental led display with 500x500mm aluminum die-casting led panel  was just used for the concert and wedding events in India. The total size of the led display is 150 panels (37.5sqm)

There is huge demand of led display in Indian market, not only because of large population there, but also various kinds of festivals and celebrations at every season of the year.

It is well known that Indian customers are never be bored with bargain the price and they definitely ought to compare around tons of led display suppliers before purchasing. This customer did as the same way, but our proposal stands out not because the price but quality.

People could assume the Indian customer only care about the price rather than the quality, but we broke the ice at the Indian market with our excellent quality and reasonable price.

Our LED screens never let the clients down, actually it turned out that our customer made the right decision to buy from us. The state of art quality products with the brilliant performance, as the customer's testimony :”this is the best P3.91mm led screen we ever bought!”

As a good start of this order, we are confident that we can get more market share at Indian market sooner, provide more LED tiles for those audio visual events company who require large size led video panel.