Outdoor digital signage market will rise


With the rise of the “outdoor” digital signage market, can LED displays become the dominant display terminal in this field?

In the first half of the year, due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia, various industries have different impacts. Taking the LED display industry as an example, the demand for traditional stage rental screens and outdoor large screen applications is sluggish, but the command and dispatch center market required for government work, as well as the public transportation field The rise of the digital signage market in China has little impact on the market in its field, and it has become a growing market with few LED displays. So is it possible for LED displays that are intelligent and whose prices are declining year by year to become the overlord of digital signage display terminals?

Digital signage

The digital signage market of public transportation platforms and retail stores grows against the trend

According to research by relevant institutions, most digital signage product manufacturers are turning their attention to the outdoor market in the first half of the year, which is mainly reflected in bus stations and other land transportation platforms, as well as the fast-growing self-service ordering displays in fast food retail application scenarios. The lineup of public displays and signage displays for "outdoor" or "semi-outdoor" applications with more than 1000nits is growing steadily. As a high-brightness display terminal, LED display screens have been gradually decreasing in price in recent years, and the dot pitch has been shrinking, and the display size has been shrinking. It has a strong impact on the digital signage display market and has become a dark horse in this field.

Affected by the epidemic in the first half of the year, the shipments of outdoor digital signage machines dropped sharply. In order to improve corporate profitability, many manufacturers expanded their product range and shifted their attention from the more affected indoor displays to those with rising demand. Outdoor display markets such as public transportation platforms. Secondly, during the epidemic, many stores added digital signage that can display posters, videos and strong interaction in order to attract traffic. The creation of digital stores has also promoted the growth of digital signage demand to a certain extent. Furthermore, due to the need for prevention, control and isolation, manufacturers have taken longer to develop products. Therefore, during the epidemic, the display terminal technology is catalyzed to mature, and digital signage terminals display three major display devices: LCD, DLP and LED. Technological competition during the epidemic has promoted the maturity of technology and the decline of market prices, thereby stimulating the overall market. Industry insiders predict that starting from 2021, the growth rate of outdoor digital signage display products will gradually exceed that of indoors. With the emergence of new high-brightness products, outdoor display products will have more opportunities to appear in new outdoor application scenarios such as outdoor sports and hotel terraces.

LCD, DLP, LED are competing in the same field

Who can win in the field of digital signage terminal display?

Digital signage is generally a small-size display terminal device that requires close viewing. The advantages of LCD and DLP are small size and delicate display. Therefore, before the introduction of small-pitch LED displays, LCD and DLP were the mainstream display terminal products for digital signage. With the improvement of product resolution, small-pitch LED display products began to enter the indoor market and began to compete on the same stage with LCD splicing walls, industrial projections and other products. In 2019, LCD and LED direct light-emitting display technologies have joined hands in the "semi-outdoor" market, especially in retail and public places. In recent years, small-pitch LED display technology has matured and costs have fallen. , The price of this product has also recently begun to show a downward trend.

However, although LCD and DLP occupy part of the digital signage market, their low-brightness characteristics limit their application in outdoor scenes. Therefore, in order to seize the opportunity of outdoor digital signage, digital signage manufacturers have come in to introduce higher brightness 4000nit and IP protection level higher than 56 products, but its price is close to or even higher than the price of P2-P5 LED display, and its protection level is far less than the protection performance of outdoor LED display, so in the P2-P5 point spacing In the field of outdoor digital signage, LED displays have advantages in price, brightness and protective performance. However, in the field of fine-pitch products with higher pixel specifications, the price advantage is still inferior to LCD products. Therefore, major companies in the LED industry are trying to reduce the price difference and seize more digital signage market share.

With the maturity of LED display technology and the decline in the price of small pitches, the terminal display market will become fierce, and will spread to the small pitch field, digital signage and other major fields, and the competition of major machine manufacturers will also increase. It's getting more intense. With the current advantages of LCD, DLP, and LED, the three major industries have equal opportunities and equal markets. In the future, who can lead in terms of price advantage and technological advantage will be able to break through in the field of digital signage and even commercial display.