Outdoor P5 LED Wall Trailer


Outdoor LED display fixed on a mobile trailer

Location: Switzerland

Model No.: P5mm

Size: 3.36x1.92m

As we all know that the European market has the very high quality standard and strict rules for the LED wall they purchase. Litestar LED Co., Ltd provides the state-of-art quality LED display based on the customized size as the customer’s demand.

Recently we just built an outdoor P5 LED wall which installed on a mobile trailer for a Switzerland client. Nationstar gold wire encapsulated LEDs, MBI5151 high refresh frequency driving IC, aluminum cabinet and Meanwell power supply. The led wall assembled by these top quality raw materials and components, the customer was quite happy with the led mobile trailer’s awesome performance.

We glued the LED modules rear side so as to have better moisture resistance and better protection for the small electrical parts on PCB.

Now we are getting more and more active in European market.