500x1000mm Die Casting P3.91 Outdoor LED Video Wall In Switzerland


Outdoor die casting LED video wall

Location: Switzerland

Model No.: P3.91mm

Size: 2m(W)x4m(H)

With the rapid development of the LED industrial, whether indoor or outdoor application, the smaller pixel pitch LED screen become more and more popular. There are some reasons. First of all, the small pixel pitch LED video wall can display clearer picture image. And the colorful scenes and visual spectacle gives audiences a real eyeful. Second, the LED technical develop more and more perfect, the cost of the small pixel pitch LED video wall is less than before. In this way, many operators would like to choose this small pixel pitch models to show their important information.

We can see this obvious change. That is because we receive many outdoor project orders that is using the small pixel pitch models. Here is the 500x1000mm P3.91 outdoor, it was just finished installation in Switzerland. Although it is not a big screen size, the picture image is very good. And this customer is also very satisfied, and place another order for this model. As a trend, we will see more this small pixel LED display in our daily life.

P3.91 outdoor die casting LED screen