P2.5 Indoor Fixed Full Front Service LED Display In Store


Indoor front service LED display

Location: Thailand

Model No.: P2.5mm

Size: 6m(W)x1.2m(H)

Even many people like to shop at home today, but in fact, still many customers are fond of going shopping in stores. Thus, a well-decorated store is always necessary. That is an important key to attract consumers’ eyes. As we are in the digital era, so LED display have to mentioned here. There is a fact that many operators would like to install a LED display to decorate their stores. As for the advantages of using a LED screen, the most obvious one is that it can play vivid videos to show the important commercial information in any time.

In the following, it is the P2.5 indoor full front service model, which installed in a store of Thailand. Full front service model ensures the maintenance will be easy. It is very convenient for dismantle. Also, high refresh rate MBI5153 IC was used in this project. As a result, the picture image is quite well. Certainly, the customer likes very much. It motivates us, that is the power we will be better.