P16 Outdoor Advertising LED Billboard With High Brightness Installed In Nigeria


As the traditional billboard gradually changed into LED billboard, it is not a fresh thing to see LED billboard in our daily life. For outdoor LED billboard, the major concerns of the operators may be the quality, brightness, waterproof.  

As a LED display manufacturer and supplier, we know the concerns of the customers. So our team always devote to provide high quality LED screen to satisfy our target customers. That is the most important factor that we can sell our LED screen around the world.

Share some pictures as follow. This is the P16 outdoor LED video wall we installed in Nigeria. The brightness of our standard P16 can be 10,000 nits. It is very suitable for those projects which is large screen size and with high brightness requirement. About the waterproof effect, we will do the waterproof test for every outdoor product and ensure all is good before delivery.

Should you have any projects need some support, please feel free to contact us.

P16 outdoor LED billboard

outdoor LED sign