P4.81 Outdoor Stage Rental LED Video Wall In Australia


Entertainment is an important part in our daily life. It not only enriches people’s life, but also have the power to make people relief their pressure. But how to hold a successful event? That have to mention the light, the LED video wall, ect. The light provides amazing colors in activities. LED screen can display awesome videos, that will add the atmosphere of the whole site.

This is our P4.81 outdoor rental LED video wall in the following pictures. It is suitable for rental events and fixed installation. And our customer uses it mainly for rental events. From the pictures, we can know it is a big active, thrilling events. And there is no doubt that it impresses on all audience. Our customer has many activities in every year. When he feedbacks to us every time, he thumbs up our product and service. And he also keeps placing orders from us now.

Do you also consider holding your characteristic events but without LED video wall? Please feel free to contact our team for more support.

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