What are the future development directions of LED displays?


With the unprecedented prosperity of LED technology, LED display products have attracted much attention, and they are widely used in commercial advertising, live broadcasting, traffic guidance, stage performance and other fields. So what are the development status of the domestic and foreign market of LED display and the future development direction?

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The LED display market has slowed down

After the "cold winter", the LED display industry seems to be returning to calm, but the shadow of production suspension, bankruptcy, and broken capital chain is still lingering. The market situation facing display companies is still grim and the prospects are worrying. "The LED display industry is currently in a mature and stable development stage, and external funds are no longer optimistic about this oversaturated industry." The industry has made such a judgment on the current situation of the LED display industry.

Statistics show that the output value of China's LED display industry in 2012 was 24.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10%. On the whole, the growth rate of the mainland's LED display market is slowing down, and the compound growth rate in the next two to three years will remain around 10%-20%. Faced with slowing growth and market saturation, many LED display companies have already begun to actively explore new ways to get rid of the shackles of low gross profit margins and break through the dilemma of corporate development.

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The future development direction of LED display: intelligence and monitoring

Although the current demand for electronic display screens is close to saturation, with the development of new display products, as well as breakthroughs in new demand markets and application environments, this will bring new opportunities to the domestic LED display market. There are opportunities and challenges. With the intensification of industry competition, the display market will continue to grow in the future, but on the other hand, it will also intensify the transformation or elimination of some small and medium-sized LED display manufacturers.

From the current level of competition in the domestic LED electronic display industry, the competition in the domestic industry is still in the early stage of product competition. The key indicators of competition are mainly reflected in: price, quality, delivery period, after-sales service and other aspects. At this stage, LED The price of the display screen has become the main indicator of competition.

The price of LED displays continued to decline in 2012, with a year-on-year decline of 15%-20%. The underlying reason for the continued decline in LED display prices is that large and powerful manufacturers hope to eliminate some small and medium-sized manufacturers through price wars. The consequences of the price war not only lead to the collapse of certain small manufacturers due to insufficient strength and capital, but also a decline in profit margins of large manufacturers and the chaotic situation of the LED display industry.

The LED industry has entered a period of integration, and some small and medium-sized enterprises will gradually be eliminated in the next few years. In the integration stage, LED electronic display manufacturers with technical and capital strength are expected to use the power of the capital market and the company's own technology and channel advantages to achieve rapid development. In the next 2-3 years, the industry concentration of LED electronic displays will also increase rapidly.

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As the leading player in the field of security monitoring and display, the development of the market directly affects the direction of the security industry. Outdoor LED is an incomparable advantage in the development of intelligent transportation in the LED industry, and is an important development direction in the LED field.