Litestar tells you how to choose Outdoor LED Signage


Litestar tells you how to choose Outdoor LED Signage

In recent years, outdoor LED signage with its rich color and dynamic design has greatly caught people's attention and become an important way of advertising. These displays are usually installed at the top of the building, the building podium, the main wall and other places. So how do we choose outdoor LED signage?

Outdoor LED advertising Road billboard LED

1. Wavelength: Professional equipment is needed to check the wavelength. The wavelength determines whether the color of the display screen is pure, which is an important factor to evaluate the quality of led display screen.

2. Brightness: The brightness gives people an intuitive feeling, outdoor LED signage is higher than 6000NIT. Under the premise of satisfying the audience to see the image clearly, the eyes will not have a prickly feeling after watching for a long time.

3. Refresh rate: when the human eye is watching the display screen, the picture should not flicker, nor should there be many horizontal dark lines when the camera is shooting. The refresh rate of the display screen should not be lower than 300Hz without affecting human viewing. Without affecting the shooting, the refresh rate of the display screen should be above 2000Hz.

4. Contrast: When we watch the screen, if the picture is white or the transparency is not strong, the contrast of the screen is low. The contrast value should not be less than 1000:1.